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The Holy BookFor many, Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ provide direction in life. The holy book provides followers with important values to live by and a direction which above all encourages love, compassion and peace on earth. Followers do not question the vision god has for us because there is no need to question. Our path is defined by gods will and if we follow his teaching, we will live a happy and prosperous life before joining him in his Kingdom known as Heaven. For some though, there path brings them to god later in life. For some, it will be a serious trauma or a realization which will provide them a choice to follow the lord, or continue down a dark path which can often end in death.

I knew a man who lost his parents when he was about 17 years old. Both of his parents had addiction problems with drugs and alcohol and when they passed suddenly the teenager was on his own to make his own decisions. The easy path might have been to follow the same course as his parents, use drugs and alcohol to ease the pain of losing his parents and begin a path down a very dark road. Instead, the teenager found the Lord.

This is a story all to personal to me as I actually was the one to set this boy on to a path of the Lord Jesus Christ. The first time I met him he was on the street asking for change. He didn’t look like a street boy and I learned later that it was only a few days after his parents showbox pc app had passed that he had no money to feed himself and was reduced to begging. I asked the boy why he was on the street asking for money and he began to cry. It appeared I was the first person to ask him something sincere in quite some time and he began to tell me the 30 second version of the past few years of his life. My response to him was that although I do not have any change, I do know a place where you can find help.

Today, this teenager is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and has a successful career, a beautiful family and a relationship with god which is second to none. I take no credit for the success this young man has had but I do wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t met on the street that day.…