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Jesus Christ NRA Member 000001As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are taught to live a fulfilling life of peace, happiness and love. We are taught to love thy neighbour and to appreciate them as if they are a part of our family. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t always on the same page in relation to living a life of fulfillment. There are people who make it their goal to steal from others or physically hurt others to gain for themselves. As an American and as a Christian, we have the right to protect ourselves with any means necessary which includes defending our homes and our families by any means necessary. That is why I have an arsenal of firearms in my home in the case an intruder tries to break into my home and hurt my family.

It is important to have weapons in your home to protect yourself and it is also important to know how to use them in the case an unexpected emergency takes place. I take my family every month to a gun range so that everyone in my family is trained on the safety and functionality of the weapons in the house.

I also ensure that all of the weapons are in working order and have the appropriate accessories to help in certain situation. In my bedside drawer I have my favorite hand gun with a lightweight mounted flashlight so that I can see my target even if there is no power in the house. I find these accessories to be extremely important and I make sure I have the absolute best in terms of quality.

I had a situation one winters eve where an intruder entered the house. We live in a very safe Christian neighborhood so I was surprised by the events all together but let me tell you I was sure glad I had my weapons.

The intruder broke in through the kitchen window at the back of the house while my wife and I were in the living room. It was a petty thief looking for jewelry and cash but let me tell you, he didn’t get his hands on it that’s for sure. I came running into the back kitchen as he entered the house and you should have seen the way his eyes lit up when he saw my shotgun staring him in the face. He quickly hit the deck with his hands over his head. The cops were there in minutes and took him off to the slammer.

I would hate to know how the above story would unfold in the case I didn’t have any of my tactical gear. I am looking at purchasing some night vision gear for those dark nights when I want even more protection. Nobody will be hurting my family!…


The Holy BookFor many, Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ provide direction in life. The holy book provides followers with important values to live by and a direction which above all encourages love, compassion and peace on earth. Followers do not question the vision god has for us because there is no need to question. Our path is defined by gods will and if we follow his teaching, we will live a happy and prosperous life before joining him in his Kingdom known as Heaven. For some though, there path brings them to god later in life. For some, it will be a serious trauma or a realization which will provide them a choice to follow the lord, or continue down a dark path which can often end in death.

I knew a man who lost his parents when he was about 17 years old. Both of his parents had addiction problems with drugs and alcohol and when they passed suddenly the teenager was on his own to make his own decisions. The easy path might have been to follow the same course as his parents, use drugs and alcohol to ease the pain of losing his parents and begin a path down a very dark road. Instead, the teenager found the Lord.

This is a story all to personal to me as I actually was the one to set this boy on to a path of the Lord Jesus Christ. The first time I met him he was on the street asking for change. He didn’t look like a street boy and I learned later that it was only a few days after his parents showbox pc app had passed that he had no money to feed himself and was reduced to begging. I asked the boy why he was on the street asking for money and he began to cry. It appeared I was the first person to ask him something sincere in quite some time and he began to tell me the 30 second version of the past few years of his life. My response to him was that although I do not have any change, I do know a place where you can find help.

Today, this teenager is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and has a successful career, a beautiful family and a relationship with god which is second to none. I take no credit for the success this young man has had but I do wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t met on the street that day.…


Christianity is among the largest religions in the world with around 2 billion followers which are called as Christians. It is generally accepted that Jesus of Nazareth founded Christianity with his teachings and life as the basis of the religion’s ideals and philosophy. Most Christians believes that Jesus Christ if the son of God, fully divine and fully human. He is the savior of humanity as prophesized in the Old Testament. Christians often refer to Jesus as Messiah.

Today, if you hear the concept of Jewish Christian, you may be confused and will think of this as two conflicting religions. However, in order to mine the origins of Christianity, we must begin with the life of Jewish Christians that lived during the time of Jesus.

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In the New Testament, we can read that Jesus only preaches to Jewish audience. A scholar described the mission of the eleven apostles to preach the gospel to all nation as a post resurrection idea. After the crucifixion, the apostles began to have a new faith in Jesus, and a movement called “The Way” at that time expanded to 3,000 Jewish converts. In the beginning, most of them are distinctly Jewish.

As more gentiles joined the Jesus’s movement (which is called “The Way”), the focus on Jewish law slowly decreased and we can see now that Christianity began to be a distinct religion. However, Jewish Christians in Jerusalem performs separate services from the gentile Christians. While these two groups share the same beliefs and traditions about Jesus’s message and importance, their separate rites and communities led to their increased division.

Geza Vermes (a biblical scholar) introduces the late first century C.E. Jewish Christian Didache as an imperative content for the comprehension of the Jewish Jesus movement. The Christian record concentrates on Mosaic Law and the affection of God and the neighbor, and depicts the recognition of Jewish customs close by sanctification and the recitation of “Our Father.” The Didache treats Jesus as an appealing prophet, alluding to Jesus with the term pais, an expression for servant or child that is additionally utilized for King David, instead of the “Son of God.”

By complexity, the early second century Epistle of Barnabas shows a particularly gentile Christianity in its presentation of the Hebrew Bible as purposeful anecdote rather than covenantal reality. The clearly divinized Jesus in this record is removed from the Jewish Christians and the partition between the Christian groups kept on widening. Geza Vermes composes that after Hadrian’s concealment of the Second Jewish Revolt, the Jewish Christians rapidly turned into a minority group in the recently settled church. Right now we can see the cause of Christianity as a uniquely non-Jewish religion; late in the second century, the Jewish Christians either rejoined their Jewish companions or get to be some piece of the recently gentile Christian church.

Christians are individuals of a book: Christian sources must be examined by reference to that book. Aids to such study are progressively and promptly accessible. As a result, New Testament …