In other parts of the world, tea may be the drink of choice, but in the United States it’s coffee. Anytime two or more people sit down to talk, whether it’s at home, in the break room at work, or in a café, they do so while sipping on a cup of coffee. Of course, the only thing that makes a cup of coffee better, aside from of course sharing it with a good friend or a group of people, is having something sweet to eat while drinking your coffee. So the next time you’re having a cup of coffee with someone, here are some delightful food options. You don’t need to be a culinary student (or graduate – like my sister) to make your next coffee and bible talk an enlightening and spiritual occasion.

Bible time

First, how about some bundt cake? It’s soft and fluffy, making it the perfect complement to a dark, rich cup of coffee. Bundt cake is also quite easy to make and easy to serve, so it’s convenient and easy to whip up if you schedule a last minute coffee date. It’s also a light pastry so it’ll go down easy, especially with the coffee, and you won’t feel like you’re being overindulgent if you eat a little bundt cake with your afternoon coffee. I used to try to make these myself, but since my sister became a pastry chef I’ve decided to let her do it. She’s much better at it than I am anyhow.

If you’re feeling a little less conservative, why not go with a tim tam? The wafer quality of this snack makes it a perfect complement for coffee, especially if you just want something light. Of course, having a tim tam opens up the possibility of biting off one end of it and drinking the coffee through the core of the snack as if it were a straw. Obviously, this isn’t the most adult thing to do, so it’s not advisable that you try this at any formal functions, but combining a good cup of coffee with a tim tam is nothing short of delicious, and is something worth trying at least once.

If you’re looking for something a little intricate to create, go with croissants. They may not be the easiest snack to make, but there’s no debating how well they go with coffee. If you’re hosting a small get together, like a home bible study and need a nice dessert to go with your late-night coffee, or perhaps you’re hoping to impress someone, then put in a little extra effort and cook up some croissants to eat along with your coffee.

Finally, there’s the old classic, sticky buns, with which you can’t go wrong. They are a bit of a guilty pleasure, but they’re also a definite crowd pleaser, and they’re sure to go great with your coffee. Cooking up a batch of sticky buns also gives you the opportunity to play around and experiment with different types of glaze or toppings to put on top of the buns. As far as pastries go, it’s tough to argue with sticky buns on any occasion, and eating a few during your next coffee talk is sure to put everyone in a good mood.