Insisting on a Proper Church Wedding

Marriage is still a Christian holy sacrament. A promise that is made to God that you are going to love this person unconditionally for the rest of your days. That you will cherish and honor them as your spouse and forsake any others. This seems to be a hard concept for the world to understand and respect, as the number of divorces clearly shows.


One of the reasons for this I believe is the straying from the traditional Christian wedding service. Without the presence of God at the beginning of your life together, what kind of hope do you have? A Christian wedding service serves as a strong base for a marriage to weather any storm.

What Constitutes a Christian Wedding Ceremony?

There is no outline in the Bible that tells us the right way to get married, yet over the years we have adopted traditions as Christians that better exemplify our faith. At the heart is a ceremony that should express worship of God as well as a sense of community, respect, dignity and of course love. A wedding ceremony should be used as testimony to the sanctity of your union and demonstrate your strength as a Christian couple.

While certain elements may be altered, there are some that I insist on in order for me to feel good about calling it a Christian union:

  • The bride should be white. This is a symbol of her purity of mind, heart and body and an important tradition to follow.
  • Seating of any parents and grandparents is also a part of the ceremony. This displays a respect for those who have helped bring the bride and groom to this day.
  • The bride must be given away. This seems old fashioned to some, but for me the groom must understand that this woman is a gift that must be treasure.
  • Lighting of the Unity candle is more important then the exchange of rings. The first act of working together as a married couple helps to build their strength.
  • A traditional wedding mass is one where there are biblical readings, a sermon and song just like Sunday mass.

Eliminating Distractions

On this day, all eyes should be on the bride and groom, who should only be interested in one another. Big party plans and worries about details often distract the couple from their own wedding. I always suggest that the extra planning be done with consummate professionals who will allow the couple and guests to enjoy the day seamlessly. Wedding pictures should be shot by a Calgary wedding photographer who has a solid reputation for being self sufficient. Too many

The same is true for any catering and entertainment that is planned for the reception. All of the details should be carefully gone over the day before the wedding, in order for the bride and groom to be able to just sit back and enjoy the day of.

When you focus on the meaning of the day, and the responsibility you have undertaken, the vows you exchange will have a more significant meaning. Make the wedding the holy sacrament it was meant to be, and the marriage will be off to the best possible start.