Marketing for a Church

Church SignageDoes the promise of heaven make the church full? Well, not exactly. Just like any other businesses around the country, there are some churches that have not only maintained the number of their followers but also increased it as well.  For these religious institutions, they follow a specific marketing plan. They are able to…

Give the right message…

to the right people…

at the right time…

These three factors are essential in forming marketing strategies. Giving the right message in front of audiences when they are motivated to hear it will make it possible to connect with new followers.

Connecting with New Followers

Like any other marketing strategies, these institutions know what their target audiences want. So, what do people want from their church? “Belongingness” – people want to be part of something larger than themselves, something that make them feel involve and important, much more to be loved and valued. Consider all these and follow the marketing strategies below, in no time there will be more connection with new followers.

Religious Marketing Strategies

  1. Talking to People is the primary way when it comes to human connection. It is important for church and ministries to “walk the talk” or practice what they preach. Being able to connect with people, like engaging in community activities can show potential followers how reputable a church or a ministry is. This is a great and effective marketing strategy.


  1. Make religious institutions known to the public by distributing flyers, brochures, leaflets and business cards. Print advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies to make people know that such a religious institutions exist. In addition to this, posting ads on establishments, cars or clothing is also a great way to attract new followers. This instigates people curiosity and interests. Having great church signage is also important so potential followers can easily identify where your institution is located.


  1. There are wide and expanding marketing resources and tools available today. Take advantage of advancement in technologies. Religious institutions marketing strategies use a diverse mix of different media platform. Besides the use of television, radio and print ads, the internet particularly the social media platforms are a great way to connect with new followers.

    Millions if not billions uses the internet 24 hours a day. It’s just a matter of finding the right campaign to convey the right message to the right audience.


Creating a website is also a powerful marketing strategy but remember to formulate relevant campaigns that will uplift audiences. Have an effective navigation system and furnish service schedule and location.  Post sample sermons and secular activities, this will show people a taste of what the religious institution has to offer.

Final Thought

The human connection is positive, uplifting and inspiring; this is what a religious institution should focus more on when it comes to marketing plan. Engaging people whose time are very limited is not that easy. Besides a good marketing strategies, these churches and ministries should provide old and new followers a positive, uplifting experience and a connection among members, their preacher and of course with God.