Proper Church Footwear

Shoes for church

As what our elders say, we have to be at our best whenever we go to Church. This means that going to Church for the right reasons with the right motivation, may it be to pray for something or simply to reflect. Also, along with our best behavior.

However, what many of us tend to forget especially nowadays is looking decent and presentable in visiting the Church. We tend to mix up our cocktail dress with the Sunday dress.

Now let us guide you from head to toe in becoming a better member of the Church.

Avoid wearing too flashy, sparkly or colored outfits. Tone down and be dainty. The purpose is to visit the Church and pray not draw attention.

Second are your accessories. Keep it simple! In the Church, less is more. The more you show off, the more people would doubt your sincerity.

The most missed out detail is the choice of footwear. High heels look very fascinating and sexy on women. High heels make you look tall, make your legs look longer and at the same time show them off! However, in a place like the Church one must be careful in selecting the right high heels, you can visit TwoComfyShoes and read their reviews on comfortable heels for women. Let us help you with that!

Kitten Heel

The safest among the high heels collection that is suitable for Church. Kitten heel can fit both moms and young adults. It has this edgy but subtle look and feel.

Kitten Heel Peep-Toe D’Orsay

This type of high heels fits moms and let’s not forget, the grandmas as well! Most of them are only half to one inch high so there’s no worrying how to walk on them! You will look funky but calm! No worries about assisting your mom or grandma, this footwear is suitable for all ages. What a good way to feel on Sunday for worship and family!


Almond-Toe and Pointed-Toe pumps are so trendy that you can wear them from school to work to parties and to Church. The only difference these two have is the shape of the front part of the shoe. The Almond-Toe high heel has slightly rounded tip. The Pointed-Toe on the other hand is fully pointed. If you still want to retain and give clues about your fierce personality, then the Pointed-Toe is your mate. Whichever among the two you like most, just do not wear more than 3-inches high heels! Wearing pumps will earn you professional points from your peers of the Church but wearing more than 3-inches will earn you glances and stares.


Wedges are perfect for summer! The season wherein you just want your feet to breathe and see the whole world! This type of high heels can never go wrong. If you’re wearing a dress, the wide width wedge sandals will make the whole outfit more semi-formal. On the other hand, if you’re wearing jeans then the wedge sandals will make you look more laid back and casual. Check out this article on wide width wedge sandals to help you with your buying decision.

Do not wear Platform high heels to Church. We get it, you want to look fabulous and just could not wait to try on your new pair of high heels but please not in the Church! Not only will you get stares but also wearing them will actually steal your concentration and purpose in visiting the Church. You will only feel uncomfortable and you’ll be constantly thinking about walking correctly and being well balanced rather than say a prayer.

The key to it all is to keep it modern conservative! Keep it conservative in a way that you show just enough personality and skin. Wear tops with sleeves. As for skirts, put on just on the knee length or just below the knee length skirts. The same goes in wearing dresses, with sleeves and on the knee length or just below the knee length. Keep it modern in a way that you still look trendy and updated.

But wait, you’re not leaving home without your partner or your entire family! Your partner should match your look. If you’re looking all dainty and decent then your husband deserves to look as stylish as you! And the kids too! You’re one happy family visiting the Church to give thanks for the blessings.

For men, loafers are the easiest pick! The loafers are the counterparts for women’s wedges. It can be casual or formal depending on the outfit. Although leather loafers look sophisticated, it is however too over the top for the Church. You don’t want to draw attention remember?

For the kids, cute doll shoes for girls and sneakers for boys will do. There is no need to overdress them.

It is important that how we look goes hand in hand with our actions. We should look respectable and be respectable. We should look sincere and be sincere. We should look happy and be happy for everyone in your community!